@adlrocha - Announcing the first guest publication

And some additional news!

The experiment of sending publications on Thursdays can end. After testing it for two months, the stats and the direct feedback I’ve received from you speak for themselves. You preferred reading me on Sundays. And as always, your wish is my command, and this will be my last newsletter email on a Thursday. 

And you may be wondering! “So I have to wait until next week for a new publication?” Hell no! The second announcement I want to make today is that this Sunday I will be featuring the first “guest publication” of this newsletter. In “guest publications” I am planning to invite other people —hopefully experts in their field— to write a quick piece on whatever topic they want in order to “spice things up” a bit every other week. I am sharing this channel for anyone to share his ideas and views through my newsletter. Exciting, right? So on Sunday we will have in the spotlight our first “guest author”. Any ideas who might be? Probably not, but he will be sharing something related to Ethereum 2.0.

But that’s not all, I have a third announcement to make: I have published my very own personal website to host all of my posts. I was writing a draft for a publication with a lot of code snippets, and I was really hating how Substack was formatting the code. It was unbearable. So I decided to launch this website to host all of my newsletter publications, and to have a way to pinpoint you to a “better rendered” version of the post for the case when there is a lot of code or I want to do some fancy thing not supported by Substack. The site is still a work in progress, so there may be some broken links, and I haven’t migrated all the publications. Once everything is polished, I will let you know in order for you to give deeper look at it.

And without further ado, see you on Sunday with our first guest publication!