@adlrocha - The Lazy Publication #1

We all deserve a break, right?

This weekend has been quite chaotic for me. Sadly, I couldn’t manage to find the time to write a full article for the newsletter, and I didn’t want to share a sloppy piece of writing done in a few minutes and not deserved by my beloved audience. As I didn’t want to leave you without any content to read for a week, I decided to launch “The Lazy Publications”.

Every week I am not able to write a full article for the newsletter due a lack of time, motivation or, why not, creativity, I will write a “Lazy Publication”. In these publications instead of generating content of my own, I will share interesting articles or resources I may have found throughout the week. Thus, you will have some (hopefully) interesting content to read and enjoy until my next article.

I am on energy saving mode! – BRIGHT & LIGHT

And without further ado, let’s kick this thing off. For the first the Lazy Publication #1, I chose the following resources:

If you liked this Lazy Publication and you want me to do more of these once a month (even if I am not actually lazy), do not forget that sharing is caring and that you can reach me in Twitter, so do so!