@adlrocha - The outcomes of remote work

A thread on its benefits after one year of working from home.

The publication I was working on for this week needs a bit more of work. Instead of publishing it "half baked" today, I am going to delay it to next week. I didn’t have any backup article lined up for today, so I will take the opportunity to share a with you all a thread collecting my thoughts after more than a year working from home. Enjoy!

(PS: This last tweet is a poll. Click on the link to participate and share your thoughts with the tweetaverse. So far, no one wants to come back to an office, not even Apple’s employees. What about you?).

I know, this is not a conventional publication, but I thought it could be fun to share a bunch of a tweets article-like to enhance their readibility. A new experiment for this newsletter, and as always, I would love to know your opinion.

Have you been working from home and want to share your thoughts in this newsletter? Mention me in your tweet storm and I will add your thread here. Let’s collect as many testimonials about remote work as possible. It may help companies rethink their talent retention and adquisition policies (or not). Have a wonderful Sunday!